Network Security

Proper network protection will continuously keep your IT infrastructure safe.

A Multi-Layered Approach For IT In Detroit

Our multi-layered approach uses many tools that keep you free from network security threats. While many IT businesses use these same tools, ours are customized to your business instead a one-size fits all approach.

Firewall – The Computer Guys uses SonicWALL Firewall Systems, a cutting edge technology that prevents security breaches that will be customized to match the size of your internet traffic and your needs. A stout firewall will stop ransomware, encrypted threats, and phishing attacks over wired and wireless networks.

Antivirus – According to Symantec, malware implants have grown by 200% in 2018. While you can’t solely depend on anti-virus software anymore, a healthy system requires real-time antivirus protection. We will make sure all your equipment and users on your network have up to date anti-virus software and continue to patch any future problems.

Anomaly-Based Intrusion Detection – This acts as a second layer of defense that detects and responds to any misuse that falls out of regular system operation. This allows for fine-tuned protection for your applications.

Besides external threats, many security monitoring solutions come from within your business. A proper security policy includes:

  • Using content filtering software
  • Blocking of certain sites that might have malware and passive intrusions
  • Preventing time-wasting or inappropriate content websites

We can defend your business with a network security plan that won’t back down in the face of online threats and will adjust with the times, respond to incidents, and give you peace of mind knowing that you are covered both internally and externally. Schedule your consultation today.