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Our Process


IT Assessment

At TCG our process starts with and IT assessment.

We send our installations manager out to your site(s) to collect basic information about your network. Although there are software tools that would allow us to automate this process, we prefer to have a real person perform this job as it provides us better insight of not only the nuts and bolts of you network but also some understanding of your business processes and the people we hope to support.


Detailed Report

Based on our findings we generate a written report that details everything from the network wiring to the speed of the internet connection. Each section will grade the components as keep, replace, or consider replacing, as well as note any necessary modifications to existing equipment.  The report includes a quote for things that need to be replaced, the things you should consider replacing, and any available financing.  The quote also includes our hosting costs (if appropriate), and flat rate monthly support fees.

Solution Proposal

When the report and quotes are completed, we will schedule a meeting to review and explain our findings. There are often different ways to achieve similar results and during the discussion we are able to determine what the best way to proceed is to achieve your goals. This conversation becomes a plan, quotes are revised and a scope of work is created.

There are no hidden charges, we don’t low ball you by leaving out things that we know you will need only to surprise you with them later. We seek a long term partnership with you, and to that end we try to be completely transparent about what is going to cost to have a smoothly functioning network that meets your business needs.


Our Investment

This process involves many hours of our time, and it is not unusual for our total time investment to be 8 – 10 hours or more. We spend this time at no cost to you because we want you to experience the TCG difference. It’s the easiest way for you to recognize our skills and appreciate the value of working with us.

Following this process results in the lowest total cost of ownership over time, because when you get the right equipment that runs well, lasts long, performs and fits your budget (with no surprises) your practice is more productive. With less down time the original investment cost is stretched over a longer period of time which keeps your costs down. There are many more components to cost beyond the amount you write on the check. Cost certainty and avoiding surprises is important, and that is one of many things we bring to the table.

We do it this way because that’s what partners do.